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The Clean & Lean Challenge Has One Objective: For 6-Weeks, Eat real Food

and Exercise Consistently.

Are you getting excited yet?


Over the course of the next six weeks you are going to experience the power of real, whole, delicious, unprocessed foods that will help you lose that unwanted weight and achieve the healthy body you have always wanted.   

This challenge might be different than other challenges you have done in the past.  This challenge doesn’t vilify any foods or macronutrients like meat and potatoes, or carbs and fats.  Your objective over the next six weeks is to eat as close to nature as you can.  

That means lots of veggies, meats, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and unprocessed grains.  It means real food from nature, not Nature Valley bars!

Consider these days ahead of our "Official Start" to be your Prep Time... These are the days you will get to prepare for the upcoming challenge.  I am going to give you specific tasks to work on over the next few days so that when the challenge starts on Monday, you are calm, cool, confident, collected and can focus solely on execution.   


Here is what these next “prep” days look like:  

  1. Kitchen Klean-Up (yes, I meant to spell it with a "K")

  2. Meal Mapping

  3. Shopping Spree and Meal Prep


I will give you a couple days to work through some of the more tedious and complicated tasks and finish the weekend with a grocery store shopping spree.

  1. Eat nothing but real, whole unprocessed food daily.

  2. Read your lesson for the day.


Number 2 from above, is especially important and we should go into a little more detail.  I know you are super busy but still want expert information. 

Instead of sending you on a wild goose chase to find your information each day I want you to think of your lessons as your home base.  


If you ever need any information, it will be in your lessons.  Anything you might need to find on a daily basis will be at the end of each lesson separated by a long horizontal line. 


I am going to add our first item today, “Private Facebook Group.”  Your task today is to request access to our private Challenge Facebook Group.


Here's the direct link to ask for access:

This private Facebook group is ONLY for challenge members and men I've worked with.  In the group, I'll be giving you a weekly Facebook challenge in addition to supporting you throughout the six weeks with motivation, discussion, and the power of the group.

What if I don't have Facebook? 


Well, you have two options!


  1. Sign-up for an account, you can even create a fake account if you want.  (1.79 BILLION people can't be wrong) -OR-

  2. Opt out and miss out on the discussion through Facebook


You don't NEED to be part of the Facebook group but I guarantee you will get benefit from it.  You won't be penalized if you don't have one or don't join the group.  I will post weekly Facebook challenges but feel free to email me your completed challenges.


Soon, I'll be asking and verifying if you've signed up for the JAO Fitness Facebook group so take 10 seconds to do that right now.

Click here to ask for access.


That is it for today, kick your feet up, and read the Kitchen Klean-Up now. Because I'll want you to have completed that assignment by end of day tomorrow...



Resource Section: 

  • Text "JAOFIT" to 77094 (from your cell phone) and answer brief goals survey in order to join my texting platform.


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