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Willmington Guide To The Bible Pdf Free 22

in words akin to those of the general instruction, [19] the pope encouraged us to think about the elements of the various problems we face, and about the ways in which we can analyze and consider them. he asked us to think about how the world may be improved by recognizing better ways to understand and treat its problems, and by seeking human solidarity and the sense of responsibility for all human beings. in a particular way, he invited us to face the very real threats to the common good in the world, which are so often played down because they are difficult and perhaps even distant. then, at this point, we will be in a position to tackle concrete things and be able to give concrete answers. [20]

willmington guide to the bible pdf free 22


2. repudiation of the ultimate purpose of life is a fundamental mistake that can have grave consequences. human beings are not self-sufficient. the value of life is not in itself; rather, it is that, on the one hand, "the value of life does not depend on the self-sufficiency of human beings, on the preeminence of the individual. [21] furthermore, the personal life is not a device to realise gods plans for this world, to satisfy the needs of our own desires, or to develop our personality. we exist for god and for others, and we strive to be faithful to this purpose. see general instruction of the roman missal, para. 38.

8. yet the great challenge which the church faces is to renew herself and to become a church of the poor. [15] the possibility of reform of the world is closed off if the church herself is closed to the poor. however, the church will not be able to reach out to the poor unless she herself is poor. when serving the poor we should not lose sight of the fact that this is an obligation of justice: as the mother of jesus, let the church represent christ in the world, above all in serving and promoting the least among us. [16] the poor and the sick are in a position that is naturally different from ours. the dignity of the poor is rooted in their material and spiritual poverty. they have less power and influence than other people, and therefore they often lack the necessary incentives to assert their rights. [17] it is a particular challenge to accompany and support those who suffer from illness and/or disability. yet we cannot speak of any work of mercy without this dimension. living in the world as those who have no influence, we should not be satisfied with the merely human and with the meagre contents of the political system of this world. [18]


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