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14 SororTITy Study Party.pdf

One study surveyed 238 female undergraduate students about their experiences with alcohol, sexual activity and sexual assault. Severely victimized women had more consensual sex partners, less assertive behavior toward unwanted sexual advances, greater alcohol consumption and more positive views of alcohol than other women did.[1]

14 SororTITy Study Party.pdf


Are you ready to dive deeper into the Word of God and get to know him better? As we seek to understand the Bible and draw closer to God, there are specific strategies and Bible study methods that we can use to help us better understand what we are reading. Remember, God wants to reveal himself to us through his Word, and studying the Bible does not have to be a meticulous task that feels forced and monotonous.

Write down those definitions in your notebook as you read. When we read the Bible, we always want to make sure we have a pen and paper handy, as well as the right Bible study tools we can use as we study. When we read the Bible, we are not reading it like we would a novel, but rather like someone searching for precious rubies and gems!

I like using these free online tools to better understand the Bible. You can search for any Scripture in the Bible, and these tools will give you additional information about the Scriptures, other Bible verses related to that passage, and you can even read commentaries written by pastors and biblical scholars. Checkout how I use to study the Bible in this post here.

These are just the basic materials you need to get started! If you want to take your Bible study time to the next level, you can invest in a Bible commentary. Bible commentaries are the written works of many biblical scholars who have studied the Bible extensively.

The inductive Bible study method is not merely reading the Bible once and then putting it down. It requires careful observation of the passage by asking questions like, Who wrote this book of the Bible? Who was it originally written for? Where did they live? What message was intended for those readers? When studying the Bible, we can write down our observations of what we notice in a notebook.

Application is where we can use our understanding of the Bible and apply its meaning to our daily lives. When we seek to apply the Bible to our lives we can ask questions like, What does this passage mean for me today? How can something that was written over 2,000 years ago truly apply to us in our current time and culture? When we carefully study Scripture in the context of the culture and time period it was written in, we can get a better understanding of what that passage means to us today.

The SOAP Bible study method is very similar to the inductive Bible study method. It uses the acronym SOAP to help us better understand the steps involved in this study process. The acronym stands for:

I recommend using the SOAP Bible study method before starting a Bible journaling page. After you have read and studied a Bible passage, then you can choose one aspect of the Bible passage or verse that you want to illustrate. You can use paint, markers, colored pencils, or mixed media like washi tape, scrapbook paper, stamps or stickers.

In this Bible study method you can choose to read and study the Bible one book at a time. We as a family have been reading through the Bible chronologically during our devotion time as a family before dinner, and we have been using the book-by-book Bible study method. We started in the book of Genesis and have been reading through the Bible one chapter at a time.

The Chapter Summary Method allows you to really dive deeply into one chapter of the Bible by reading through a chapter of the Bible and then summarizing what you have read. Rick Warren covers this Bible study method expensively in his book. The first thing he recommends is that you read the chapter at least five times.

I love this method of Bible study because we can truly become familiar with the passage and remember what we have read. Rick Warren also discusses 10 additional ways to study the Bible using the Chapter Summary Bible method in his book. Such great insights!

This Bible study method encourages you to read a passage of Scripture and highlight the portions of the Scripture that stand out to you. You can highlight your Bible with an actual highlighter, or use a pen to underline and circle the Scripture passage that you want to understand more deeply.

I really enjoy using the Word Study Method because I definitely consider myself to be a word nerd! I studied foreign languages and linguistics in college, and I always find it fascinating to study Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, which are the languages the Bible was originally written in. When you do a Word study, you can take a passage of Scripture and highlight a passage you want to further understand.

You can then look up the original Greek or Hebrew meaning of a word in that passage to gain a better understanding of what that word means. I have found that studying different words in Scripture makes the Bible come alive even more, and it gives me greater richness to the meaning of the entire passage.

Verse mapping is another creative way to study the Bible inductively by observing a Bible passage, observing the passage through note-taking, and writing down how the Scripture passage can be applied to your life. There is no right or wrong way to do verse mapping, it is just another way to organize your thoughts and observations about a passage of Scripture.

There are so many different Bible study methods that we can use to deepen our faith and understand the beauty and power of our great God! These are just a few of the many different Bible study methods that are around. Try out some of these Bible study techniques and systems, and see which one you like best.

When we use various Bible study methods (rather than just reading the Bible without a specific plan in mind), we will get much more out of our Bible study, and will gain a greater love and appreciation for the Word of God!

Other studies have yielded similar results. In a series of experiments conducted in Texas and Singapore, scientists put financially literate people in simulated markets and asked them to price stocks. The participants were placed in either ethnically diverse or homogenous teams. The researchers found that individuals who were part of the diverse teams were 58% more likely to price stocks correctly, whereas those in homogenous groups were more prone to pricing errors, according to the study, published in the journal PNAS.

To stay competitive, businesses should always continue to innovate. One of the best ways to boost their capacity to transform themselves and their products may involve hiring more women and culturally diverse team members, research suggests. In a study published in Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, the authors analyzed levels of gender diversity in research and development teams from 4,277 companies in Spain. Using statistical models, they found that companies with more women were more likely to introduce radical new innovations into the market over a two-year period. 350c69d7ab


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