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BRAOU Books: The Best Resources for Higher Education through Distance Mode

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU) is a public university that offers distance education courses in various disciplines. The university was established in 1982 and renamed after the Indian social reformer and constitutionalist Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in 1991. The university aims to provide access to higher education for all sections of society, especially the disadvantaged groups. One of the main features of BRAOU is its self-learning course material, which is designed to suit the needs of distance learners. The course material consists of printed books, audio-visual cassettes, CD-ROMs, online resources and other supplementary materials. The course material covers the syllabus and objectives of each course and provides guidance for self-study. In this article, we will provide a guide for students who want to know more about BRAOU books, how to access them, how to use them effectively and how to benefit from them. ## How to Access BRAOU Books? There are different ways to access BRAOU books depending on the course and mode of study. Here are some of the common methods: - Online Admission Portal: Students who enroll for courses through the online admission portal can download the course material from the website The course material is available in PDF format and can be viewed online or printed for offline use. - University Library: Students who want to access the physical copies of the course material can visit the university library located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The library has a collection of over 1,50,721 documents, including books, journals, thesis, course material and non-book materials. The library also provides reference, lending, information and research services to the staff, researchers and students of the university. - Study Centres: Students who are enrolled in regional or study centres can also access the course material from their respective centres. The study centres have a limited collection of books and other materials that can be borrowed or consulted by the students. - Online Services Portal: Students who want to access additional resources such as competitive examinations study material, previous question papers, model papers, assignments and other useful links can visit the online services portal at ## How to Use BRAOU Books Effectively? BRAOU books are designed to facilitate self-learning and independent study. Therefore, students need to use them effectively to get the maximum benefit from them. Here are some tips on how to use BRAOU books effectively: - Read the instructions: Before starting any course, read the instructions given in the course material carefully. The instructions will provide information about the course objectives, structure, duration, evaluation methods and other important details. - Plan your study schedule: Based on the instructions and your personal preferences, plan your study schedule for each course. Allocate sufficient time for reading, revising, practicing and completing assignments and tests. - Follow the sequence: Follow the sequence of units and topics given in the course material. Do not skip or jump any unit or topic unless advised otherwise. - Use multiple sources: Do not rely on the course material alone for your learning. Use multiple sources such as textbooks, reference books, journals, websites and other online resources to supplement your learning. - Interact with peers and tutors: Do not study in isolation. Interact with your peers and tutors through online forums, chats, emails or phone calls. Share your doubts, queries, feedback and suggestions with them. Learn from their experiences and insights. - Review and revise: Review and revise what you have learned regularly. Use self-assessment tools such as quizzes, exercises, assignments and tests to check your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses. - Seek help when needed: Do not hesitate to seek help when you face any difficulty or problem in your learning. Contact your tutors, counsellors or coordinators for guidance and support. ## How to Benefit from BRAOU Books? BRAOU books are not only useful for academic purposes but also for personal and professional development. Here are some ways to benefit from BRAOU books: - Enhance your knowledge and skills: BRAOU books cover a wide range of subjects and topics that can enhance your knowledge and skills in various fields. You can learn new concepts, theories, methods and applications that can help you in your studies or career. - Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities: BRAOU books encourage you to think critically and analytically about various issues and problems. You can develop your logical reasoning, argumentation, evaluation and decision-making abilities by applying what you have learned to real-life situations. - Improve your communication and presentation skills: BRAOU books also help you to improve your communication and presentation skills. You can learn how to express your ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly in written and oral forms. You can also learn how to use appropriate language, tone, style and format for different purposes and audiences. - Expand your horizons and perspectives: BRAOU books expose you to diverse and multidisciplinary perspectives on various topics and issues. You can expand your horizons and perspectives by learning from different sources, viewpoints and experiences. You can also develop your cultural awareness and sensitivity by learning about different cultures, values and beliefs. ## Conclusion BRAOU books are valuable resources for students who want to pursue higher education through distance mode. They provide comprehensive, relevant and updated information and guidance for self-learning and independent study. They also offer various benefits for personal and professional development. Students who want to access, use and benefit from BRAOU books should follow the tips and suggestions given in this article. ## FAQs Q1: How can I get BRAOU books online? A1: You can get BRAOU books online by visiting the online admission portal at You can download the course material in PDF format and view it online or print it for offline use. Q2: How can I get BRAOU books offline? A2: You can get BRAOU books offline by visiting the university library at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad or the regional or study centres where you are enrolled. You can borrow or consult the physical copies of the course material and other documents from these places. Q3: How can I use BRAOU books for competitive exams? A3: You can use BRAOU books for competitive exams by visiting the online services portal at You can access the competitive examinations study material, previous question papers, model papers, assignments and other useful links from this portal. Q4: How can I contact BRAOU tutors or counsellors? A4: You can contact BRAOU tutors or counsellors by using the online forums, chats, emails or phone calls provided by the university. You can also visit the regional or study centres where they are available for face-to-face interaction. Q5: How can I give feedback or suggestions on BRAOU books? A5: You can give feedback or suggestions on BRAOU books by contacting the course coordinators or directors of the university. You can also use the online feedback form available at

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