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Booking Drivers Licence Test South Africa

In South Africa, a driver's licence isn't difficult to obtain. No formal training is required and few drivers take any. A learner's permit can be obtained at age 17 on completion of a knowledge test. A full driver's licence can be obtained at age 18 by passing a road test. No waiting period is required between the learner's permit and the road test once the applicant is 18 years old.

Booking Drivers Licence Test South Africa

can anyone help me get my drivers? ive tought all my friends to drive and they all passed the first time but ive failed 5 times now and spend so much money on driving lessons. They will fail you for anything. Its depressing as hell! ive got a car but no licence! cant even get a job because of it. sms me 0846224061 cape town

i hear that there is an iternational website where you can search for your drivers licence and see the copy of it if any body knws the website can he/she plz e-mail me it on plz ppl jst wnt to remove mine there

The easiest way to obtain a driver's licence is to first take the South African Learner's Licence exam and then drive with a instructor from the South Africa Institute of Driving Instructors. At most, it should take you a month from end to finish and it isn't too hard. To practice for your Learner's Licence, the best way is to sign up at a local test centre (they are different in each province so just google them and give them a call) and then practice questions using one of the online practice websites. African Licence ( ) also has a free eBook so you can study for free and answer mock tests from only R10 per test.

to book for your learners licence in south africa you need: 2 black and white photos of yourself,a copy of your south african identity book, and your actual south african identity book. you fill out a form, go for an eye test, book a date to write your test and then pay R108. This can all be easily done in a few hours in langlaagte for example. if you cannot produce a south african identity document you will not be able to do anything.

Hi... the system is corrupt, officer failed me for no reason! its NOT FAIR. Im at the point where I'll buy a licence, if its not too expensive. If you have any information for me on obtaining a drivers licence in Cape Town that will be registered on the system(NOT A SCAM) please email me at

I now live in the uk for 7 years i never got my drivers card when i left but have been driving for years can i still apply for my license in south africa they should still have my detail can anyone tell me how

hii wanted to know what is the procedure in obtaining an automatic license in south africa and the cost,i need to know a.s.a.p anybody with info will be greatly appreciated email me at

I hade my licence in my ID book but was mugged and never had the money to get a new id or get the card licence. Is there any way that i can get the card without having to go through the test again. Please email me on Thanks

hi all,i'm in australia need to get a full riders licence, so looking to obtain a south african riders license the code is 02.if you can help or point me in the direction please contact

I am a 48 year old female, being driving for over 20 years. Have failed my drivers twice and now my learners licence expires on 19/02/2011,please can someone assist to obtain my drivers licence urgently, NO SCAM!!!!! prepared to pay.

I have been out of the country for 3 years of my life and during this time was able to obtain a UK licence but upon ariving to mama africa i was told i cant change my licence to a south african 1 Im still driving my car after 2years in the country and to my knowlege is ileagal what do i do the right thing when freedom of informations is being blocked in such a way help me change my Uk liceance to a South African if its possible with out going through the re testing please advise me 0790740229 please

I have learners that expire 23/01, I had a licence in my ID for 12years and was overseas so never got to convert it. After driving for 12years they failed me now for the 3rd time on my drivers test. Does anyone know where I can get an appointment before 23/01 or can still convert my ID licence to credit card. This is urgent. email me on

HiMy husband and I live in the USA, but the visa's we have do not qualify us to get USA drivers licences. Our South African licences expire soon and we were hoping there was a way for us to renew them without having to be in SA. Can anyone please help us. I can be emailed at

I'm not from the "life is unfair" school of thought. And I generally believe that honesty is the best policy. BUT I have learned - the hard way - that it can make life very difficult in SA.I arrived back in SA in late 2007 - after 24 years away - full of passion to be back in the land I love. I presented my old ID book, complete with drivers licence, in order to change it over to the new photo card version. The clerk asked me whether I had been is SA at any time between 1997 and 2002. After thinking about it, I replied yes. I was then told that that fact disqualified me from swapping over to the new licence. Apparently I should have done it when I was here. My protests about the fact that my 2002 visit was due to my dad losing his battle with cancer and that he died while I was here and I then stayed to attend the funeral (I was here for 2 and a half weeks in total) fell on deaf ears. Over the next few days, my disbelief was channelled into finding another way that I could legally drive here. To my relief, I learned - from phone calls to both the Traffic Dept and an insurance company - that my Australian licence was, indeed, recognised here as a valid licence. With that knowledge, I bought a car and have been here since then.But then I had a bad accident and my car has been written off. Imagine my horror when told that my Australian licence was only valid for the first 12 months. In that time, I was supposed to have had it swapped over to a SA licence. Obviously no-one had made that clear when I originally asked. GREAT! No more car, no insurance payout, no more valid licence. Sometimes I wonder about why I'm still so positive about living in this country. If only I'd lied about being in SA for my father's death/funeral.

Can anyone please help clarify this for me... I heard that apparently if you already have a valid drivers license and you wish to get a motor bike or scooter bigger than a 125cc, you will no longer have to re-write a learners test and can just go and do the test in the yard as of February 2011???Thanks

Is it legal to ask questions thats not in the learners licence test. i read through the whole book of the rules of the road and still manage to only fail that. i asked the guy in the licence department and all he could do was laugh and (say don't i listen to the radio or news?). I do not accept this kind of behavior from some one that is suppose to help me.please could some one tell me is it legal or not. i use the k53 and its not an old one.

I have a Zambian drivers licence,married in South africa but not a citizen as yet.I was told I can only convert it once I have permanent residence.When I go to the Traffic departments no one seems to know what it is I need to use at the moment.My licence is for SADC countries,can I drive using it or do I need to get a permit.If so where do I get one?

All you people talking about buying your licence disgust me. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking of such a thing. Yes our service delivery from government departments in SA suck, yes the lines are time consuming and fustrating. but this is the country we live in, it does not mean you should resort to breaking the law and risking everyone elses life on the road!!!!! I did my licence the legit way. Took me 3 attempts but i did it before my learners expired, no problem. I made stupid mistakes that caused me to fail but when i passed it was worth it and i can be proud that I passed my drivers on my own ability to drive well. There is a reason for the test, you may think you can drive, i did, but the test weeds out little things that you still need to improve on to be a safe driver on our roads. I hope you all get arrested before you kill some innocent person on the roads!!! When you get behind that wheel you have other people's lives in your hands even if you obtained your licence legally. It is somehting to be taken seriously. You people who disregard the law and procedures are most likely the same to drink and drive and not strap your babies in so they can stand on the seat and see the road, such good parents!!! The LAWS ARE THERE TO PROTECT US!!!! I hope i piss you all off, someone needs to talk some sense into you. oh and buy the way, the illigal drivers are sooooooo easy to spot on the road, they the ones doing such stupid things and dont understand why the hell you hooting at them! as for the prices of testing, they are high. . . BUT if you cant afford to pay the legal prices how you gonna buy it which costs way more, how you gonna pay for petrol, how you gonna buy a car? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!!!! Please think 041b061a72


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