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5. The trickster is an archetypal character in folklore or religious stories, who uses special knowledge and skills to play tricks. Lewis Hyde (1998) regarded tricksters as 'boundary-crossers' because they break natural and social orders and playfully disrupt conventional rules. Narratives worldwide tell stories of how tricksters perpetrate deceit, magic, and violence. Trickster stories often take the form of picaresque adventures. Examples of tricksters include the coyote and raven in North American Indian folklore, the fox as an evil agent in Buddhist stories, and the Japanese trickster fox Kitsune. Some scholars regard Odysseus as a cunning and resourceful trickster hero. Kumiho (九尾狐), pong'i kimsŏndal, malttugi, and ch'wibari can also be regarded as tricksters (or picaros) in Korean traditional narratives.

Raven Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd


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