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Get in the best shape of your life.

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Men, it's time to own your age, love your life, and move toward becoming your very best — with help from your own personal coach; John Aaron.


I'm John Aaron, a personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and nutrition coach with an office based in Houston, Texas.

I help guys over forty reclaim their health, strength, and build a strong, fit body to be proud of... (even with 'old' injuries, or a slow metabolism)!


No gimmicks or false promises, and no dead-end shortcuts, either. Just a real food plan, efficient workouts & the results driven focus you deserve. 
I focus on you.

This December I'm opening registration for a small number of new coaching clients. 

Registration only opens three times per year for this coaching program specifically designed for men. And it usually sells out within hours.

By joining the presale list, at no obligation, you’ll learn more about me and this distinct program, get the chance to enroll 24 hours early, and you’ll get redlined to receive my lowest price ever — a savings of up to 52% off the usual price.

If You Haven’t Clicked The Button Above Yet It’s Probably Because You Still Have Some Questions.

I totally understand.  

Maybe you think this program can't possibly work for you.  It is, after all, a marketing page for my very own fitness program, right?


Well, as an experienced small-business owner and private practitioner, I've learned that the last thing I want to do is rely on bogus “hype marketing” that will lead to a disappointed and upset client community.  That’s why I continuously devote myself to continuing education and honing my craft.


I put a ton of effort into researching the latest exercise and nutrition science as it applies to mature muscle and the physiological changes our bodies go through as they continue to age. And, truthfully, I only use PROVEN TECHNIQUES in any program I offer.


For example, through the advances of science and tens of thousands of hours of practice, we fitness professionals have discovered a very interesting fact…

MORE WORK IS NOT BETTER (at least not for older men looking to perform at their peak)


Truth is, it has recently been proven that spending excessive amounts of time exercising will actually reduce your overall fitness!  Too much exercise can weaken your immune system and can lead to a variety of other health issues ranging from depression to various injuries, heart problems and even death!!  No, that’s not a scare tactic, just basic science.


To get maximum results you have to have the right combination of appropriate exercise, supportive nutrition and adequate rest.


Only with the correct combination of all three components of an effective training program will you see the results you’re looking for… you know, the kind that makes your friends ask...

“What have you been doing lately?  You look incredible!”


How much will it cost?


I generally offer the public my private coaching program for a base price of $260 USD per month for 12 months. But if you join my presale list today, you’ll have the opportunity to get it for a one-time payment of just $1,488 USD (averaging $124 USD per month — that's a savings of up to 52% off the general public price.

You’ll get the best personal nutrition coaching — including daily practices, lessons, and workouts — for about $4 a day. And, you’ll finally take command of your body, health and life. Plus, you’ll have the skills, tools, and habits to make your results last till your dying day.

Don’t miss my next coaching program! It starts January 2020. Join the pre-sale list today —  with no obligation & absolutely free.

Because I want everyone to have my best in personal care and attention, I focus my energy by only open this program up to a few, new clients (and only three times per year). So, that means enrollment is on a  first-come, first-served basis.

That said, this is is your opportunity to work with me as your very own private coach, get into the best shape of your life, and stay that way for good.


I live this stuff everyday, and have dedicated my professional life to helping guys just like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.

Whatever obstacles arise, I’ll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. In the end, know that I’m here to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

All you need to do for now is take one small step and join my free presale list.

Once you do, I’ll send you more information about the program over the next few days weeks. Then when it's time, I'll be sure to send you an email with your own private link to register a full 24 hours before everyone else, at a savings of up to 52% off the regular price.

Not Sure If This Is The Right Program For You?

Schedule Your First FREE Meeting [in person or online] And Get The Personal Guidance You Need.

Honest To Goodness Advice. No Manipulative Sales Pitch.

It's My "No Bull" Promise.

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