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John Aaron (online)

Father, Writer, Perpetual Student, Licensed Bodyworker,
Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer
- and 52 Year Old Bad-Boy Wannabe...

Growing up, I never really had any issue with my weight. I was always lean and that help me show off the hard work I put into building muscle at the gym. I’d probably even credit my early success in the fitness industry to my natural ability to stay lean.


But before you start hating me for this attribute, let me just say that all of that “natural ability” changed right around my 40th birthday.


Actually, a lot of things changed...


My blood pressure went up. My eyesight diminished. I had mysterious body-aches and a potbelly just seemed to appear from no where and take residence. To make matters worse, it now took surprisingly more effort to lose the flab and maintain a trim waistline than ever before.


I remember thinking "what the heck is happening?" I still ate healthy, still exercised regularly and I loved hanging out with my friends... Why am I gaining weight and feeling – well, SO DAMN OLD?!?!

Then I had an epiphany.

I realized that while my brain still made me act and feel as though I never left my twenties - my body was already halfway toward an entirely different destination.


My body, despite housing my youthful spirit, really WAS getting older... Well... Crap...

When I wrapped my mind around the concept that, I realized another sobering fact about this body of mine: It was going to get older (hopefully). And, that meant that I had better start figuring out how to care for it!


So, I developed a new mind-set and way of looking at life. I let go of the weird old "body builder" diets, workouts, tricks and routines I had used in my 20’s and 30-something past (they weren’t working anymore. So, why waste the time?).


Instead, I applied my knowledge of physiology, anatomy, exercise and nutrition with a super sharp, laser focus on how they apply to “an older” man-child and - BAM! I effortlessly lost the belly fat, lowered my blood pressure, increased my energy, lost the body aches (mostly), plus I eliminated the need for certain medications and I have secured a much happier and healthier outlook on my life.


That’s a pretty tall order, huh?


Well, learning that 'inconvenient truth' about my 40 year-old self (and doing something about it) made me realize something else. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other guys from their mid-30's on up  to their mid-60's sharing the very same experience but haven’t managed to achieve the same success as I did.


Perhaps YOU are one of them?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re too young to feel this darn old?


If so, I’ve got the tools and tips that can change your mind-set and get you reacquainted with the more energetic, healthier, and younger version of you.


I can help sort through the loads and loads of confusing information around diet and exercise and create a personal blueprint to get you back on the path of healthy, happy living.I invite you to click on the “schedule now” button and book a complimentary “Let’s Talk” Session.


Don’t worry – this talk will not include any hype or sales pitch from me. Just a chance for you and I to get acquainted and determine how I can best help you.


This one 30-minute conversation really could change your life for the better. At the very least, you will come away with some simple strategies for turning back your internal clock and returning to a life that's active, vital and fulfilling.

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