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Daddy Cooks: 5 Spook-a-Licious (and healthy) Kid-Friendly Recipes

Personally, I'm the kind of guy who enjoys cooking. It relaxes me and I revel in watching friends and family enjoy something I've lovingly prepared by hand. And, truth be told, I'm a huge fan of eating good food, too!

However, during a recent web-search for Halloween themed recipes, I came across some pretty scary Halloween statistics. As millions of folks the world over get ready to celebrate Halloween, the tally on what we’re all spending on this holiday has soared to upwards of $9 billion! (THAT'S CRAZY!)

And 95% of this population plan to buy … you guessed it! … candy.

But... who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes for Halloween? Me and my family sure do! AND you can get FREE goodies from the neighbors, too?!?! Count me in! ;-)

All that is what makes this holiday so awesome and fun! (That is, at least, until the sugar takes over and the stomach aches, or the headaches, or the sugar crashes and mood swings take over … damnit.)

Still, it is entirely possible for the kids (and you) to have a fun, happy, healthy, tummy-ache-free Halloween! And, it's possible for you and your kids to willingly eat fruits & veggies, too!

It’s all about making it FUN. To prove it, my internet sleuthing turned up some adorably spooky, slimy, creepy, and HEALTHY recipes for Halloween! I've listed five of the treats below.

Note: if your little ankle-biters are picky eaters, they might become more receptive to trying something new if you involving them in making these treats.

First, start the day off with this healthy Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding … it’s crammed with fiber and healthy fats.

Make this even more kid-friendly by adding a banana before blending and some grapes for an eerie effect. Serve it in a cauldron (er, bowl)!

For a mid-morning snack, carve jack o’ lanterns out of orange bell peppers and fill them with pepper slices and other veggies, and serv'em up with their favorite dipping sauce!

For an AWESOMELY frightfully healthy lunch or dinner, this eyeball pasta is WAY cool!!! You can even serve it with your favorite gluten-free pasta, and make eyeballs out of olives (healthy fats!).

Check it out here: Eyeball Pasta

Here’s an anytime snack that’s worthy of even a grown-up's party. Unleash your creative side with this vegetable skeleton platter. You know the kids would love to make this!

My absolute FAVORITE spooky-snack award goes to a fruit snack that’s worthy of bringing to a party. The problem is, these apple bites are so creepy-cute; It'd be tough bringing myself to eat them (but, rest assured, I'd fine a way)!

Look at these Silly Apple Bites!

Ok, well back to surfing the web for recipes before heading to the grocery store for supplies. Considering that all Hallow's Eve is less than a week away, I hope you give these recipes a try and that they make you (and your kids) Halloween a hit!

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