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How To Defeat Your Greatest Fear

Earlier this week, I wrote about setting BIG GOALS for yourself. The kind of goals that can leave a knot in your stomach because it takes you WAY outside of your comfort zone. But, today, I've got an excellent strategy to help put your bowels at ease. LOL! :-P

Plus, these tactics can catapult your life to an entirely new level. (and, it's versatile enough to apply toward any big decision you find yourself struggling with or whenever you notice something is holding you back.)

The secret sauce is in breaking down your FEARS.

Fear is a devious enemy. Trust me, I know! It's more than a simple shaking in your boots sensation, too.

Fear molds itself to any situation, sometimes feel like dread … laziness … or you might even write it off as procrastination (Lord knows the countless times I've done this!).

No matter how fear manifests, it's holding you back.

Sometimes that's a good thing. When it comes to living a full life, it becomes a stifling rhythm of stumbling blocks. Still, you CAN break out of that cycle, and I'm going to show you how …. right here, right now!

One of the best things about this process (based on a practice created by author and impressive every-man Tim Ferris) is that it is very logical.

It's genius because it replaces fears & stumbling blocks with a reliable decision-making process. And ... It feels incredibly liberating!

You definitely want to grab a notebook and a pen for this one … or open up a doc on your tablet or laptop.

On a clean page, I want you to write, "What if I ____?"... Then fill in the blank with the goal/decision you're thinking about.

It could be anything at all – from looking for a new job to starting a new fitness routine, to moving to a new city; the sky's the limit pretty much!

Then, I want you to imagine and write down how you will feel AFTER you've accomplished your big goal (Remember why it's so important to you).

I want you to really envision yourself having ALREADY achieved this goal. Fully live it out in your head with your eyes closed.

Then, below your "what if" statement, make a chart with 3 columns.

Let's say your big goal is landing a new job with more responsibilities. Beginning with the first column, write down all the things that could possibly go awry.

Here are a few scenarios: You are worried you're not up for the task, or that you'll fail or won't be good at it. Maybe the energy required would drain away time from family and friends, you might end up hating it, or you will miss all your current work buddies.

Try to list at least 5 items (more if your goal calls for it).

In the second column, list the steps you can take to cut the risk of those bad things happening.

For example, do you need to brush up on your corporate skills? Can you set boundaries that allow you personal time? Or set up a recurring lunch with your former coworkers once you start your new job?

For each item in column one, come up with three or more steps that you can take to prevent (or lessen) the likelihood of those things coming to fruition.

Lastly, in the third column, outline your back-up plan. This is what you can do to rectify the situation if the "worst thing" happens. (Take a class or make regular lunch dates with your friends, etc.)

"The fears we don't face becomes our limits."Robin Sharma

Once we shine a light on our fears, it's incredible how they are far less scary than we imagined.

The things that scare us are almost always SO MUCH WORSE in our heads than they are in real life.

It's incredible how we can let a few "what-ifs" get in the way of fulfilling our GREATEST potential! However, when it's all broken down, you can easily see the plethora of fantastic possibilities awaiting you.

What do you have waiting for you?

If it's up-leveling your fitness & wellness, I am here to help! Let's set up a Strategy Session to help break down your goals. Just click this link here and schedule your call right now.

I look forward to speaking with you! Until then, make it an awesome day, and keep moving toward a better you.

Committed to your Success,

John Aaron

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