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Beating Anxiety with Action

Have you ever set goals for yourself and then feel overwhelmed by them?

You know, the worrisome goals that makes you wonder what in the world you were thinking of when you first set them up… the goals that seem too big, or too far-fetched … or leave you questioning where to even start?

Well, you're not alone. These are mind games that a lot of us play on ourselves … What's interesting is that this type of mind game can actually be a type of anxiety!

What's terrible is that this kind of thinking can make you want to quit before you even begin. However, I've got a suggestion for you. Something that's even more important than having a plan to reach your goals.

It's really the most important thing in breaking the cycle of stifling anxiety ... It's taking action.


Nothing beats anxiety better … or shuts down mind games faster … than taking action.

Just do one thing to move forward toward your goal(s). Even if you're not sure precisely what you should do. The point is to just do it and not allow yourself to be grounded by analysis paralysis.

Don't overthink it.

Taking action will help liberate you from stagnation and give perspective and clarity to what you want. There's no reason to wait until you formulate the perfect plan, get input from others, or spend time weighing all the angles and options.

And you don't have to buy the perfect gear, piece of equipment or gym membership before you can start. All that is required is that you simply take one step in the direction of your goal(s).

For example; You want to get healthier and start working out. Instead of formulating some complicated plan, searching the internet for hacks, or buying supplements, I would recommend that you lace up your sneakers and go for a brisk walk instead. This is an action you can take right now. No need to wait or procrastinate.

Once you've started on your fitness path, you can add to it and get more tactical and elaborate later. Just do something now.

Let's say you want to clean up your nutrition. In this case, you can swap your next snack for a healthy piece of fruit, a protein shake, or a handful of nuts. No need to wait until the stars have aligned some time in the future to come up with the perfect meal plan.

The important part is that you take action. Do something now.

Then, when you're done, you will have replaced that anxiety with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment! And, while those misgivings might not have completely gone away, they sure are a lot less intense!

So always remember this: Action alleviates anxiety.

I hope this message hit home with you today. I'd love to know what action you are going to take today to move toward your goals. Could you send me a message to let me know?

And if you're ready to take action on achieving your health/fitness goals, your first step could be setting up your Let's Talk Strategy session with me. I've set aside a few times this week for goal mapping sessions … if you want one of them… just book online here!

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