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  • What Is The Fee For Your Coaching Services?
    Coaching Services are independent of one-on-one and group personal training. On average, my fees are $60 per week with a minimum of 3-month commitment. However, I also offer seasonal and promotional "fitness challenges" that provide similar programming at a lower price point.
  • What is The Nutrition Plan Like?
    Every "body" has different needs. However, my coaching primarily focuses around J.E.R.F (just eat real food), minimally processed, whole, nutritionally dense foods. I help coach you through kicking the junky meals and help you craft easy, delicious meals you can enjoy with the whole family, on a date, or even dining solo. You'll learn exactly how to eat for your specific goals and lifestyle.
  • How Often Do I Log In My Food Journal App?
    It's been my experience that the more you know, the more you'll progress. Your app allows you quick search tool to find most common foods, you can add your own meals and recipes, and it even has a barcode reader to help keep your calories and macro nutrients in check. Still, if you don't use it, you'll never know how close (or far) you are from your nutritional goals (whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or both). So... You should be recording what you eat as often as you can - or, at least once per week!
  • What Are My Protein / Carb / Fat (macros) Requirements?
    Based on your existing stats and physical goals, your macronutrient ratios have already been calculated for you (especially if you are a Premium Plan + Coaching Client)! #1. Just follow the recommendations on the plan and be sure to log your meals into your app/journal to keep track. #2. How will you know if you're eating too much or too little? See #1 above. ;-)
  • Do I Have To Log My 'Cheat' Meals?
    Well, maybe... First of all, I prefer calling them 'Treat Meals' because 'cheating' implies infidelity… and you’re in this for the LONG haul baby! So, the short answer is ‘no’ you don’t HAVE to log the times when you’ve PLANNED to ‘TREAT’ yourself with a special meal or celebration. However, the key phrase here is ‘planned’ – if you end up gorging on fast foods because you forgot your meal-prep, or the guys are having an impromptu meet up for the happy-hour & buffet… You really should journal it. This will keep you honest and give you a WIDE-EYED look into the reality of how many calories these little ‘un-planned’ escapades will bring to your belly…
  • Should I Weigh Myself After a Cheat Day?
    HELL NO. Unless, of course, you’re a bit masochistic… Weighing yourself after a cheat day will only serve to make you crazy. You see you store glycogen when you cheat; don’t stress and get your tighty-whitey’s in a bunch – it’s essentially good stuff, but each gram of glycogen stores 2-3 grams of water. This will make your scale weight go up – BUT this “new number” on the scale can have a way of tricking you into thinking you’ve gained fat (or muscle, for that matter). So, don’t be deceived.
  • Are There Any Good Protein Bars?
    There are a few, but whether you like them or not will vary depending on your taste. However, DO READ THE LABELS! Many of the good tasting ‘protein bars’ out there are ONLY ‘good tasting’ because they are practically nothing more than a Snickers Bar in disguise… There is one that I personally like, because it’s high in protein, low in fats and carbs, and contains a decent bit of fiber in it, and it's made by Quest Nutrition (they have many flavors). You can find them online, in the health food isles of most grocery stores, or at The Vitamine Shoppe.
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