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Tips to Making Your Coffee (or smoothie) a Powerhouse

OK. My friends know I love my coffee. And they know I usually like it hot and black. Nothing fancy. But around autumn time, I kinda want to change things up sometimes. I thought you might like to know what I do when the urge hits. So... here we go….

First up … stir in some MACA POWDER!

Maca is one of my favorites to use when switching things up because it's a superfood that actually has some pretty awesome super-powers.

Packed with antioxidants, it's great for your energy, mood, and memory. And as an added bonus, it's purported to help balance your hormones and boost libido. (And, who doesn't like a "boosted" libido?)

Anyway, since it aids your ability to focus and boosts your energy levels, it's a perfect side-kick to your morning coffee or smoothie!

You can find maca online, but many grocery stores now carry it! I found mine in my local Kroger's coffee isle.

My second "go-to" is the CACAO.

That's right … chocolatey goodness!

This one gets a little confusing, though … So, pay attention! Cacao is actually the natural form of cocoa, but it contains more health-boosting components, like antioxidants, flavonoids, and minerals than cocoa.

That's because cocoa (You know, like the Hershey's brand?) is basically cacao that's been processed with high heat.

Cacao retails in powder form or cacao nibs, which are little chip-like nuggets.

Here's a PRO-tip for you:

It may sound ghastly, but I promise it's tastes great. After you've brewed your morning coffee, pour a cup of it in a large mason jar, add a tablespoon of almond butter, and a teaspoon of cacao powder, and mix it up (or use a high-speed hand-blender) till it's smooth.

Then, seal up the jar and put it in the fridge till after lunch … and when you're ready to drink it, add in some almond milk and ice cubes and shake it up. It's an excellent pre-workout, or after-lunch energy booster!

I know it sounds strange to add nut butter to coffee … but you have to trust me on this one! It's good.

OK, now for my third pick … PUMPKIN PIE SPICE.

Before you groan... give me the benefit of the doubt. Ok? I'll even give you two options with this one! Add it to your coffee grounds BEFORE you brew, or stir it into your coffee afterward.

Actually, wait, I've got another option... If you're a closeted pumpkin spice fanatic, you could choose BOTH options for a pumpkin spice party in your coffee! But, if you choose this option, you're probably not closeted about it. Just sayin! ;-P

Jokes aside, there are some reason as to why this spice mixture works so well … for example; if you're trying to eat less sugar, the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg combination add enough sweetness to help satisfy without actual adding sugar or other sweeteners.

Not only that, but there is evidence that cinnamon can help regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels (which is good if that's an issue for you) … and the ginger is also great for your digestive system!

See?!?! It's good stuff after all!

Here's another side note I love about it… nutmeg (also in pumpkin pie spice), can help keep your breath fresh so you can avoid that dreaded coffee breath.

You will want to experiment with this one to find your perfect level of spice, though. I suggest starting with a teaspoon in your coffee grounds and then add more or less from there.

My fourth choice is also spicy … it's TURMERIC!

Is there nothing this spice can't do?!?! Seems it's everywhere these days, and for excellent reasons.

Best known for its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric is packed with antioxidants, and scientists are currently studying how this humble spice might be able to help protect you from all sorts of diseases, like cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease.

Be warned, turmeric can taste rather "earthy." So, maybe try starting with a half-teaspoon added to your grounds before you brew your coffee.

Or, stir a quarter-teaspoon into a mug of coffee to see how you like it. You can work up from there … (maybe add a little of that pumpkin pie spice I mentioned earlier, to take the edge off).

Are you ready for my fifth and final add-in?

This one is so good for your hair, your skin, not to mention your bones and joints.


Get yourself some collagen peptide powder and stir it into your coffee or smoothies for a little bump of protein. It's basically like bone broth, except in unflavored powder form.

Here's a pro-tip: most collagen peptide powder is hydrolyzed, which means it's broken down so that it's easier for your body to absorb.

Most collagen powders don't have much taste, but they definitely do have benefits.

For more information on collagen, click; Collagen - What Is It and What Is It Good For?

Collagen is the most plentiful protein peptide your body holds. It's a big part of your connective tissues, including your skin and muscles, giving them structure and strength.

While the benefits of collagen supplementation is still being researched, studies suggest it might help with everything from healthier skin to relieving joint pain, improving muscle mass, and improving your heart health!

Clearly worth checking out.

I hope this list enhances your coffees (or smoothie) experience! I know it does mine.

Until next time; drink up, own your age, love your life, and keep moving toward a better you!


John Aaron

PS: If you liked these tips, be sure to share them on your social media! And, if you have other "powerhouse" favorites I've not listed here, be sure to name them in the comment section below! I'd love to hear what you've discovered for yourself!

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