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Why Getting Older Means Working Out Smarter

Guys, I’m curious; what age were you when you began to notice that losing fat (and keeping it off) got progressively more difficult as you got older? Maybe you're in your late 30's or early '40s, and this is something you’ve just started to see...

Like, maybe, you’ve only recently discovered that if you're not “mindful’ of what you chose to eat and drink, the number on your bathroom scale slowly begins to creep up until it beats your previous “high score” weight?

Whatever the case may be, these ‘not so little’ observances seem overwhelmingly unfair. Am I right?

Take exercise, for example. Even though you exercise regularly, you might’ve noticed your body change — but not really in a good way… Or, perhaps, you’re one of those “lucky” guys who's managed to maintain his weight and hasn’t ballooned up… and yet, you’ve noticed your body has somehow “traded” in some of your hard, lean muscle for something a bit more, well, jiggly?

Or, maybe, after working really hard to lose a few pounds, you’ve discovered that you’re not completely stoked on your final results. Instead of that lean, toned picture you had envisioned in your mind’s eye, you’ve remained the same old fart; albeit a smaller version of yourself. That’s no fun, either…

Should any of these scenarios describe your plight, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, weight management really does get harder as we get older — and, much harder than we probably expected. Despite the struggle, it seems like yesterday when you could just drop your carb intake, slow down on the junk food (or booze), toss in a little bit of exercise (probably didn’t even matter what kind you did), and Shazam!

You were leaner, more toned, and feeling sexy as hell.

But something has changed... Some say getting older feels like your whole body experienced a metamorphosis overnight. And, you never got the memo… Suddenly, you’re living in what you might consider to be your body’s “new normal.” You might even feel like your body has turned against you, and I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you feel like you’re fighting a hopeless battle.

Here’s the harsh truth, though; your body hasn’t betrayed you overnight.

The changes you are now experiencing have been happening bit by bit over the years. And, any number of factors —from lifestyle to genetics — have tumbled into place, getting you to where you are today. In simple terms; life happens.

Life distracts and commands us. It makes us too busy, too tired, and way too stressed with work, family, social obligations, and all the other incidentals, to make any time for our own self-care and betterment. We call this sacrifice… We sacrifice ourselves for the life (and body) we currently have.

But, even though life distracts us as the years go by, we must remember that age is not our enemy.

Here's another truth; “age-related” weight gain, “age-related” alterations in body composition (even without a change in weight), “age-related” metabolic decline, “age-related” muscle loss, or anything currently diagnosed as “age-related” — are more “lifestyle-related” and have little to do with how old you are. Instead, these symptoms may be more appropriately described as “age-compounded.”

Its poor lifestyle habits, compounded over the years that will degenerate and degrade your body quickly… As a result; you “feel’ older, weaker, and less energetic - You age prematurely.

There is good news, however. It’s not too late to enjoy more energy and vitality. It’s not too late to improve on your body’s strength, condition, and composition.

There is still time to become that lean, toned picture you’ve had rolling around in your head. And, I’m determined to show you how with just 3 key steps.

Use these three steps to lose fat (including that extra fat you may have noticed around your midsection) and to protect (if not build) your precious lean muscle — this is a process I like to refer to as quality weight loss:

Step One: Eat a diet that's higher in protein and that emphasizes whole, minimally processed foods. Be sure it also provides you with appropriate amounts of carbohydrate energy and macronutrients for your particular goals and body type. A good ‘starting point’ example would be the Mediterranean-style diet that calls for about 0.5 – 0.75 grams of protein per pound of body weight (per day) and would include moderate amounts of healthy carbs and fats.

Step Two: Exercise regularly. By now you're at an age where you must know that you need to complete at least 2 – 3 days of weight lifting. Focus on movements that exercise the major muscle groups (such as squats, presses, and pulling movements). And, for better heart health, toss in another 2 – 3 days of aerobic exercise — like moderate-intensity “cardio” or high-intensity interval training.

Step Three: Sit less and move more. In our wireless and digital world this is a tough thing to do; even for me! But, here’s the crazy thing about getting regular exercise; for most people, it’s rarely ever enough. Besides, sitting for extended periods is not only dull, but it’s also been proven to be dangerous for your health. So, shoot for a target of 7,000 – 10,000 steps per day, and remind yourself to move often by setting alarms through the day to nudge you into leaving your seat for a quick mini-movement “break.”

One Final Note:

After working with hundreds of men and helping them transform their bodies and lives, I can tell you that the kind of change that seems impossible, the kind of change you want, is attainable...

No matter your age.

No matter where you're starting.

No matter what you're feeling right now.

No matter how much stuff is on your plate.

Positive change IS possible.

And, its benefits are attainable in less time than you think, using consistency and simple, strategic habits.

So whether you're looking to make a change yourself - if you're ready to lose fat, build confidence, gain strength, get off meds, have more energy... I'm here and ready to help.

Consider joining my Performance Plus Coaching Program, or feel free to book your free Strategy Session with me for an honest no sweat, no pressure, and no bull conversation on the best options for moving toward a better you.

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